Dripline Recycling Partnership

Water Supply Products has signed a Recycling Partnership with Future Post, a company that recycles domestic and commercial waste plastics into premium 100% recycled, UV stabilized fence and vineyard posts.

Future Post has built a new factory in Blenheim, which presents the opportunity for growers to sustainably recycle end-of-life dripline and PE tube into posts for use in vineyards and farms in the South Island.


• Water Supply Products has partnered with Future Post for dripline to be recycled at their new factory in Blenheim.

• All Rivulis dripline sold for replacement purposes will include a pre-paid voucher to recycle the equivalent meters purchased of any brand of dripline at Future Post’s facility at no additional cost to the customer.

• WSP can also provide a rewinding machine to customers for recovering dripline at no charge, subject to availability. Bookings are essential.

• Delivery of the recovered dripline to the Future Post factory is at the expense of the customer.

For further information visit https://www.futurepost.co.nz/ and to make a booking, please contact Iain Holdaway iholdaway@watersupply.co.nz or Mob. 021 478 627